Caregiver Employment Contract

Care Giver Employment Contract

The following Employment Contract is by and between the Caregiver and IN-HOME COMFORT HOME CARE.

  1. The Caregiver is responsible for the overall care for specifically assigned clients.
  2. The Caregiver is responsible for learning, implementing and maintaining the core values of the company.
  3. The Caregiver is responsible for delivering first class service excellence to each and every company client.
  4. The Caregiver is responsible for communicating all schedule changes, concerns, and any other care related issues directly to the Care Manager for each client they have been assigned to.
  5. The Caregiver is responsible for documenting in accordance with the company documentation system set forth.
  6. The Caregiver is responsible for studying and carrying out each “Care Plan” in detail for each client they are assigned to.
  7. The Caregiver is responsible and accountable for accurately and honestly clocking-in and clocking-out using the company’s timekeeping system.
  8. The Caregiver is expected to perform the duties that are outlined in each care plan. Caregiver understands that if there is any concern with any of the duties listed below, that he/she will immediately express the concern to a Supervisor who can assist with additional training on any of the items:
    1. Companionship
    2. Laundry
    3. Light housekeeping
    4. Meal planning and preparation
    5. Bathing/Showering assistance
    6. Personal hygiene
    7. Errands & shopping
    8. Incidental transportation
    9. Medication reminding
    10. Incontinence related duties
    11. Additional duties that may be requested
  1. Inappropriate language, jokes, and the like are prohibited, actions, as such present a very unprofessional image and reflects poorly on the company.
  2. You are never to discuss your salary/wages with anyone but with company management. This information is confidential and is never to be shared with clients or other caregivers. Sharing such confidential information may result in termination of employment.
  3. Caregivers are prohibited from soliciting any type of other businesslike multi-level marketing, direct marketing, etc. to company clients or family members while under our employ. Any violation may result in immediate termination.
  1. Caregivers must ALWAYS wear their company supplied name badge and/or uniform during working hours, unless excused by company management for a specific client. Caregivers not wearing their name badge or wearing something inappropriate and against company dressing standards will be placed on probation for 60-days. If the Caregiver is found not wearing their name badge for a second time during the 60-day probation, they will be terminated. During the probation period, the Caregiver will be reevaluated.
  2. The Caregiver is responsible for ensuring their own attire complies with the company Dress Standards as outlined within this contract.
    • Pants should be tan, blue, or black. No jeans or shorts and slacks must cover the legs completely.
    • “Scrubs” both top and/or bottoms are NOT ACCEPTABLE.
    • No T- shirts, halter or sleeveless tops are allowed. Shirts should cover the full chest area.
    • Clothing should be clean, presentable, without holes and professional looking.
  3. Clothing must be washed and kept clean, neat and professional during client visits, ironed if necessary. Wrinkled clothing is not tolerated and presents a poor image of both the Caregiver and the company.
  4. Hair and makeup, if applicable, must be modestly done and appear professional.
  5. Perfumes/colognes should be kept to a minimum as many clients are allergic and/or sensitive to perfumes and colognes
  6. No opened toed shoes, high heel shoes, sandals, or shoes without full ankle support and toe covering are allowed while on the job. This can cause injury to you and your client.Tennis shoes or medical professional shoes are ideal



  1. I will wear the IHCC name badge to each and every shift, unless otherwise authorized by IHCC Management.
  2. I will never discuss with a client or their family members personal matters that would appear unprofessional by IHCC’s standards. Such personal matters can put a client in an awkward position and create a negative atmosphere for IHCC Home Services and the Caregiver.
  3. I will always be professional and respect the client’s physical items and privacy.
  4. I will NEVER give a client’s phone number to anyone, including my own family. If someone needs to get a hold of me I will have him or her call IN-Home Comfort Care first who will contact me at the client’s home if it is an emergency.
  5. I will never give personal information, including my address and phone number, to any client or family member. When asked I will tell them to reach me at the office number.
  6. I will never call a client directly, unless authorized by IHCC Management.
  7. I will not smoke on my way or during a shift. If my shift is more than 4 hours, I will smoke during my 10 minute break and only outside. I will also make sure my clothes do not smell of smoke while on a shift.
  8. I will turn my cell phone off while at a client’s house and will NEVER make or take personal calls while working a shift unless otherwise authorized.
  9. I will not speak poorly of other team members to clients and their families. This includes IHCC employees and other professional healthcare staff involved in the care of IHCC’s clients. If I do have an issue with a team member, I will speak to IHCC’s management.
  10. I will never speak ill or negatively of In-Home Comfort Care in the presence of a client, another Caregiver or family member. I understand that IHCC has an open door policy and if I have grievances or concerns about IHCC, I will talk directly to the Care Director.
  11. I understand that I am an employee of IHCC and that all care related issues must be communicated directly with the Field Supervisor and not the client.
  12. I understand that my direct supervisor is the Field Supervisor responsible for the client I am assigned to. In some instances I may report to more than one Field Supervisor if I take care of more than one client.
  13. I will respect the authority of the Field Supervisors and follow thru with their various requests as long as I am not asked to violate any rules set forth by IHCC. If for some reason I have a concern about any of the Field Supervisors, I understand that I can express this to the Care Director or President of In-Home Comfort Care.
  1. I will follow each care plan and make sure that my clients get the same high level of care during each and every time I visit.
  2. I will always accurately clock in and clock out using the time tracking system set forth by FRC Home Services. I understand that failure to do so may result in not getting paid for that particular shift and in some instances may result in termination. If I forget to use telephony, I agree to immediately notify the office so they can adjust the schedules accordingly.
  3. If I am a live-in or am required to fill out a timesheet for any reason, I will fill it out accurately and turn it into the office no later than 9am every Monday morning.
  4. I understand that IHCC will not tolerate tardiness. I agree to be on time to each and every shift and understand that excessive tardiness will result in termination.
  5. I will not ask for excessive days off.
  6. When I do take days off, I will ALWAYS notify the office 10 business days (2 weeks) in advance of the time I need off, unless in dire emergencies and unusual circumstances. Failure to comply with this rule may result in disciplinary action, including immediate termination.
  7. I will document the duties performed for the client in the documentation logs at the end of each visit. The documentation will include tasks performed for the client. I will note/narrate all duties, not included on the documentation checklist, in the notes section of the documentation logs. Such narrative notes will be readable and clear for the Field Supervisor. If I fail to document, during each and every shift, I may face disciplinary action.
  8. I will keep my employee file up to date. This includes a yearly driving record, auto insurance (whenever it is renewed), tb tests, and all other necessary documentation as requested by the office staff.
  9. I will strive to be proactive when working with IHCC’s clients and make sure that I never leave a clients home without it looking better than when I arrived. That includes a clean kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc., if requested in the Care Plan.
  10. Whenever possible, I agree to fill-in for Caregivers unable to make it to their shift because I understand that I may need the same from them at some future point. I agree to always communicate such requests or fill-ins to the office immediately.
  1. I will always be honest to In-Home Comfort Care and their clients.
  2. I understand that all client information in the care plan is confidential and must not be shared with others outside IHCC.
  3. I will never take advantage of In-Home Comfort Care’s clients in any way.
  4. I will always strive to fulfill my responsibilities outlined in each client care plan.
  5. I will always be honest when documenting, at the end of each shift, what I did for the client that day.
  6. I will never solicit an IHCC’s client for private care or for any other services or products. (Please read the General Standards section for more on this subject).
  • I will always strive to adhere to IHCC’s mission of “performing my duties with honesty, integrity, confidence, concern, commitment, cheerfulness, compassion, consistency and care. I will treat every client as a friend and perform each task as if they were family.”
  • I will treat each client with respect and dignity and remember that they are adults.
  • I will attend at least 75% of all monthly in-services during the course of a year. I understand that my compensation for these in-services is in the knowledge I will gain and that my attendance is voluntary.
  • I will become First Aid Certified within 120-days of hire and keep it from expiring going forward. I understand that IHCC will pay for this certification.
  • I will strive to seek out education that would enhance my skills as a Caregiver.
  • I will complete no less than 6 hours of training, as required by the State Health Department, each year while employed with In-Home Comfort Care.


In-Home Comfort Care General Standards
  1. I have been issued the Policies and Procedures and agree to thoroughly read and abide by them and understand that failure to abide by any of them above or below may result in termination.
  2. I understand that In-Home Comfort Care provides in-home, non-medical care for the elderly and those needing it. I agree that if I am unsure if a task can be performed, I will first check with IHCC.
  3. I agree that I will provide IHCC two (2) weeks’ written notice if I decide to terminate my employment. I understand that my final paycheck will be made available to me. I also understand that I will not receive my final check until all IHCC items loaned to me are returned (i/e: uniforms, employee manual, safety belts, phone, electronic devices, etc.)
  4. I understand that if I am found to be using drugs or alcohol while on the job, or if I show up to work in an intoxicated state, these are grounds for immediate dismissal and even legal action if State or Federal laws have been violated.
  5. I understand that if I fail to report to work and fail to notify the office, that I will be considered to have voluntarily quit my job without notice and will forfeit pay for the current pay period. I also understand that if I am licensed as a C.N.A. or other licensed healthcare professional that IHCC reserves the right to report client abandonment to the state health department, which may result in losing the applicable license.
  6. I understand that IHCC encourages Caregivers to recommend ideas for the vision of the company. We at IHCC realize that some of the best ideas come from the Caregivers who openly share best practices and are constantly looking for better ways to help our clients remain independent at home.

With my signature below, I signify that I accept the position as Caregiver and agree to all the terms, conditions, requirements, responsibilities and accountabilities the position within this Position Contract.

Care Giver Contract Form

Signing Supervisor on behalf of In-Home Comfort Care, agreeing to accept all IHCC’s requirements, responsibilities and accountabilities: