Homecare Services

Care Management / Recovery Assistance

At In-Home Comfort Care our services provide affordable compassionate In-Home Comfort Care, peace of mind, and to help maintain the independence and comfort of seniors and those needing assistance.

We know the transition from facility to home can present many risks such as medication errors, injury related falls, inadequate nutrition and an overall poor aftercare regimen.

In-Home Comfort Care is committed to providing a thorough and effective care plan based on the identified needs of every individual we serve.

Homecare Services

In-Home Comfort Care is committed to quality care for:


We thrive on keeping seniors safe and independent while aging gracefully with dignity. Our caregivers are highly trained and go above and beyond to assist with:

  • All daily activities
  • Nutritious meals preparation
  • Medication reminder
  • Light housekeeping
  • Shopping
  • Errands

Illness Care

We are committed to quality comfort care. Recovering from an illness can be a full time endeavor. Your recovery may take longer than expected.

In-Home Comfort Care can be a great prescription for people recovering from an illness. Our caregivers can help with:

  • Fresh and healthy nutritious meals
  • Timely medication reminder
  • Follow up appointment
  • Light housekeeping
  • Laundry
  • Changing linens
  • Shopping

Our nonmedical home care can be an important part of independent living for people with disability. We can fulfill a variety of roles from in home care to the maintenance of a healthy and safe lifestyle.

Coping with disability is tough. Our service is proud to offer In-Home Comfort Care and compassionate in home care for the physically and/or cognitively disabled adults. Our caregivers can fulfill a variety of roll. They are certified in many areas and can help with

  • Ambulation
  • Companionship
  • Wheelchair assistance
  • Bathing
  • Dressing grooming
  • Toileting
  • Nutritious meal preparation
  • Doctors appointments
  • Running errands

Cancer Care

One of the leading and daunting medical diagnoses a person can receive is that of cancer. Between diagnosis and recovery is the treatment process which can be long, painful and very difficult. If this is a prospect you are facing, we can help ease the stress of your recovery process. We are here to provide you and your family with moral support, encouragement and physical caring you will need with comfort and relief for family caregivers.

With the right kind of assistance and care a difficult ordeal can become a strengthening experience. Cancer is beatable.

  • Compassionate care/ making comfortable
  • Patience and encouragement

Memory Care: Alzheimer’s/Dementia

The basic knowledge of this tragic disease has a profound impact on families of patients. As a family caregiver, caring for someone suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, can be overwhelming. Stress can cause serious physical problems. At In-Home Comfort Care services, our goal is to help reduce the stress on families and their loved ones.

With on going education, our caregivers are prepared for the changes before they occur. They are highly trained to provide the support needed to maintain the best life possible for your loved one.

  • Patience and understanding
  • Companionship, compassion and supervision
  • Gentle and patient care that maximizes their dignity, comfort, and quality of life
  • Provide a safe environment to prevent accidents
  • Nutrition and hydration/ monitor weight periodically
  • Encourage activities/ exercise to maintain mobility and strength
  • Maintain an organized, consistent approach to the care provided
  • Keep schedule the same/ care journal to monitor changes
  • Get help: talk about it and learn all you can about it.


The leading cause of adult disability is stroke. After someone you love has survived a stroke, dealing with the aspect of physical, emotional and behavioral changes can be heart breaking and very stressful.

At In-Home Comfort Care services, we are committed to compassionate and quality care.we go above and beyond the call of duty to provide you with the help needed, and to lessen your stress of feeling helpless and confused. We will customize a personal care plan and partner you with one of our caregivers who is experience in caring for stroke patients.

  • Fall and injury prevention
  • Monitor changes in conditions
  • Around the clock care
  • Companionship
  • Calming anxiety and stress depression
  • Care journal
  • Scheduling appointments with therapist /specialist
  • Medication reminder
  • Treatment and condition
  • Assist with all personal care


Managing diabetes is an every day/every meal challenge. Medication is often prescribed to help the body regulate glucose level, but making smart choices in planning a healthy balanced diet is just as important.

At In-Home Comfort Care services, we are dedicated to the promotion of independence, and maintenance of health and nutrition. We can accomplish those needs and expectations for you. With your dietitian’s instructions, one of our care coordinators will help to create a written detailed and personalized care plan. We will then partner you with a caregiver who is experienced in diabetic care, someone you can trust and depend on.

  • Nutrition/ a balanced diet/ following care plan
  • Good communicational skills
  • Motivate and help stimulate
  • Exercise/ care plan
  • Functional activity
  • Help to maintain independence

Parkinson Care

Parkinson disease is a degenerative neurological disease that manifests in many different ways. Symptoms of this illness can be alarming. It can begin as mild, and gradually become pronounced over time, encountering challenges with physical mobility, which may result in a decline in ones quality of life.

At In-Home Comfort Care services, our care coordinator will work together with your therapist to design a care plan specializing in functional activity relating to parkinson disease. With on going education and good lines of communication, our caregivers can implement on going programs to keep you safe and as functional as possible.

  • Assist with functional activity
  • In and out of chair
  • Fall prevention
  • Stimulation

Arthritis Care

Sometimes facing challenges we can’t handle alone, can be frustrating and depressing. At In-Home Comfort Care services, we know how challenging this can be. Understanding the diagnosis and treatment plan can be overwhelming. We will provide you with outstanding quality service and peace of mind, while giving you the quality time needed.

At In-Home Comfort Care services, we offer on going education to keep our employees abreast of the current homecare trends and effective interventions.

  • Nutritious healing/ anti inflammatory foods
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Safety and mobility
  • Stay informed/ connect with group support/ find easy way to have fun
  • Medication reminder

Care Management


Nurses Aides / Home Health Aides


Medication Reminders / Safety

Working With Health Care Providers

Exercise / Range of Motion

Care Plan


Monitor Diet / Healthy Eating

Assist with Preparation of Meals

Complete Meal Preparation

Assist with Mealtime Feeding

Personal Assistance

Transfer Assistance

Bathing and Showering

Personal Hygiene Assistance

Help with Toileting

Assist with Dressing

Personal Appearance Care

Incontinence Care

Assist with Ambulation

Balanced Meal Plan & Dietary Needs

Gluten, Wheat and Sillac Free

Vegan and Vegetarian Diet

Errands & Transporting

Incidental Transportation

Schedule Planning And Assistance

Errands Service

Light Housekeeping


Kitchen Cleaning

Bathroom Cleaning

Changing Linens

Laundry /Light Ironing

Sensory Stimulation


Read: News Papers / Magazines

Write Letters / Cards

Active Thinking / Play Games

Stay Connected with Friends / Family

Walking / Ambulation

Day / Evening Out Respite Package

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We Care for Your Loved One As You Will

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Peace of Mind While You Are Away

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Fall Prevention

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